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  School Teacher to Entrepreneur - Living the Good Life!


My name is Diane Helmold. Im a former Kindergarten teacher. Reliv has blessed us with great health and supplemental income. I will be forever grateful to my friend for sharing reliv with us. It has changed our lives.

Thirty years ago, before Reliv, I was home with three children. My husband Kevin, a fireman, was putting in around 80-90 hours a week between working at the firehouse and his side jobs. We had a little extra money but we didn't have a life. We were missing time as a family. I knew there had to be a better way. As I was praying for an answer, my friend told me about Reliv.

When I heard about this nutrition I was tired, sad, had numerous female issues and was never happy with my weight. My husband had daily stress headaches and seasonal allergies. Our son was dealing with skin problems and we were looking into medical solutions. Our daughter had focus and ear issues. Our 3 month old had been crying since birth. My life was crazy between doctor visits and hospital stays. Within six months of using the Reliv products, we saw  amazing improvement in our overall health and well-being. The only thing we did differently was take our Reliv every day!

Fast forward 30 years and our life is so different. We went on to have our fourth child. She is our Reliv baby and she has never had any health concerns. Our family has never been healthier or happier. We only see doctors for wellness checkups. What a great way to live.

However not only have the products changed our lives but the business has impacted us in a great way financially. After just two years of working  the business part time, when our fourth baby was born, Kevin left his side jobs to come home to be a Dad. My reliv check has always supplemented his Firehouse paycheck. My dream came true to have my husband home on his days off from work.  It has now been 28 years since we've been raising our family together as a team. I didn't go back to teaching .This is all I do. I have been able to work this business from home and earn a check every month. Most importantly though, we have been able to put our faith and family first while still having time for a business. You cannot put a price tag on that.

Now, with four young adults, a daughter in law, three son in laws, and eight grandbabies, we are living the good life. After our wonderful 39 years of being married and the birth of our four kid’s, reliv is the next best thing to happen to us!